Karroubi vows to defend freedom in universities

May 31, 2009 - 0:0

Presidential hopeful Mahdi Karroubi has stated that he will improve political freedom in universities if he is elected president.

“If I win votes, I will create a free atmosphere in universities,” he said in a meeting with university students in Amirkabir University of Technology on Saturday.
Karroubi added, “If I become president and win people’s votes, in my ministry of science no student will be imprisoned.” He also urged the people to widely participate in the election.
The university’s public relations office director Zahra Bakhtiari told the Mehr News Agency that Karroubi’s attendance at the university was “illegal”, saying the university had not issued a license for his speech on Saturday. According to Bakhtiari, Karroubi had to attend the university on Wednesday, June 3.
Large turnout will disappoint enemies
Islamic Iran Zamin Party leader Abolghasem Ra’oufian has said massive participation in the upcoming election will disappoint the enemies.
“Maximum participation in the election will increase the security level (of the nation) and even one vote will disappoint the enemies,” he told the Fars News Agency on Saturday.
Commenting on the threats of the enemies, Ra’oufian said, “The people’s maximum participation in the election is a preventive factor” in thwarting threats by the enemies.
Mousavi opposes any book disrespecting Islamic sanctities
Presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi stated that he opposes the publication of any book that disrespects the religious sanctities.
“I am against giving (publication) licenses to any books or writings which are contrary to the religion and the constitution,” he said during an interview on radio on Saturday.
However, he added, “The culture ministry should not think that it can help improve the nation’s culture by putting restrictions on (the publication) of books.”
Reformist coalition, no longer ‘meaningful’
Karroubi’s campaign director Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi said a coalition between reformists is impossible. “To me, a coalition among reformists is no more meaningful,” he told the Fare news agency on Saturday.
He also rejected reports that had quoted him as saying that a reformist contender who has less chance of winning should withdraw candidacy.
Next president must be ‘law-abiding’
Hadi Khamenei of the central council of the Society of Combatant Clerics emphasized that the next president should be “law-abiding”.
It makes no difference which person rises to power so long as he respects law, he told the MNA on Saturday. Khamenei added Mousavi can perform better on improving economy, reduce unemployment, enforcing law and creating an atmosphere for observing citizenship rights.
Mousavi does not regard himself ‘above law’
Former culture minister Ahmad Masjed-Jamei has pointed out that Mousavi does not regard himself “above the law”.
“Mousavi does not regard himself above the law and does not negate the achievements of the Islamic Revolution during the last 30 years,” he said. Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, former president Mohammad Khatami, and a number of other ministers of the reform administration are supporting Mousavi in the election.
Khatami praises Karroubi and Rezaii, will vote for Mousavi
Khatami has stated that he supports Mousavi’s candidacy and appreciates the efforts of Karroubi during the Islamic Revolution.
“Karroubi has made many efforts before and after the Islamic Revolution… and I respect him,” he said in a meeting with the supporters of Mousavi in Khuzestan Province.
Khatami also pointed out, “Mohsen Rezaii, this brave leader who has been the epitome of the nation’s power and tact during the eight-year Sacred Defense (1980-88 Iran-Iraq war) is respectable.”
However, he emphasized, “We should elect only one person as president and I will vote for Mir-Hossein.”