Collages highlight presidential election campaign

June 1, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Saeid Moayyerizadeh is narrating Iran’s 10th presidential election through his own works of collage.

The artist will be performing his art at the open space of the Iranian Artists Forum for a period of ten days beginning on May 31.
Far removed from any political intentions, he will be creating a series of collages by affixing details of election campaign posters, as well as articles and candidates’ interviews with Iranian and foreign newspapers.
His first work will bear the images of the four candidates and will also reveal the topics of the following tableaus in the collection.
A painter and also a miniaturist, Moayyerizadeh is planning to add symbols of Iranian miniature paintings in the margins and texts of each work to produce Iranian works of art.
Moayyerizadeh believes that the dignity of an artist is too lofty to announce his support for a particular candidate. Instead, artists must learn to depict the campaign trail with the help of art, represent their evaluations of the current situation, and remind the people and the candidates of the ideals.
The forum is located on Musavi St., near Taleqani Ave.