Mousavi says Iran’s international status must not be undermined

June 2, 2009 - 0:0

Presidential hopeful Mir-Hossein Mousavi stated on Monday that any policy which undermines Iran’s status in the world must be abolished.

He indirectly said the incumbent president talks of global management while he cannot resolve problems at home.
Talking in Hamadan, he noted that country should focus on increasing domestic production and create a dynamic economy instead of distributing money among people.
Talking in the city of Eslamshahr, a city near the metropolis of Tehran, on Sunday Mousavi stated that mismanagement is the main reason behind poverty and rising unemployment. He said Iran as a resource-rich country should not suffer from poverty.
----------------- Karroubi will increase oil dividends if oil prices rise
Mahdi Karroubi will distribute oil incomes among all Iranians above 18 if he is elected as president, his campaign director Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi stated on Monday.
He said Karroubi has promised to pay 2 million rials (about $200) per month if oil price reaches to $150 per barrel.
Talking to Karroubi’s supporters in Yazd, Karbaschi noted that the plan has been examined thoroughly from different aspects. He added it will reform the relations between the administration and the nation.
------------------------ Mousavi seeks to develop a civil society
Mostafa Mo’in stated on Monday that presidential challenger Mousavi seeks to give promotion to party system and a civil society in Iran.
Talking in the city of Gorgan, north of Iran, the former science minister in the reform administration said Mousavi’s statements on citizenship rights represents the views of reformists in its best form.
------------ Karroubi: Debates can prove who is qualified for president
Presidential challenger Karroubi stated on Sunday that holding televised debates between candidates is the best way to prove who is most qualified for the presidential post.
Of course, he said, debates between candidates are not enough and each contender should attend the debates with his team. He added it helps people to make a proper decision.
Live televised presidential debates, which start on June 2 and end on June 8, will be broadcast by IRIB Channel 3 at 10:30 pm local time. The programs will last for 90 minutes. Karroubi and Mohsen Rezaii will face each other in the first night.
Talking to his supporters in Mashhad, Karroubi noted that he has entered the fray to defend Republicanism and the Islamic nature of the system.
The National Confidence Party secretary general said on Monday in the city of Nowshahr, Mazandaran province, that those who are happy and those who are unhappy with the current situation should go to the polling stations and vote for a “dignified and powerful” Iran.
Talking in the city of Nour, he said all people, even those facing economic problems, should vote in the presidential election because abstaining from voting makes the situation more difficult and complicated. He asked the people to vote even if they are inclined toward rival candidates.
Karroubi went on to say that some people are of the opinion their vote has no effect on the result; he added he disagrees with such a view.
------------------ No party wants key posts from Ahmadinejad
Mohammad-Nabi Habibi stated on Monday that parties backing President Ahmadinejad have not asked him to appoint some special figures in his likely second cabinet.
The Islamic Coalition Party secretary general said that ICP has not suggested any person to the incumbent president for his second cabinet.
Talking to reporters, he dismissed some reports that ICP has demanded some cabinet posts in return for supporting Ahmadinejad.
--------------------- Rezaii only relies on expert views
Abdolhossein Rouhol’amini Najafabadi stated on Sunday that presidential contender Mohsen Rezaii is adamant in seeking the views of highly-talented persons in drawing up economic plans.
Talking to the MNA, he noted that Rezaii’s main plan is to save the country’s economy and also revising the management model in different sectors.