U.S. helps Egypt tighten screws on Gaza

August 27, 2009 - 0:0

U.S. military experts have presented a detailed plan to Egyptian security officials and donated high-tech equipment to uncover tunnels.

U.S. officials told their Egyptian counterparts that Congress has approved the allocation of $50 million to secure the 13.5-km (8.4-mile) long border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.
They added that the Congress-supported plan is sponsoring the installation of U.S.-donated high-tech devices to prevent smuggling on the border.
U.S. officials visited the Rafah border area, where the meeting was held, and inspected the tunnels that were uncovered and blown up by Egypt. Over 300 tunnels have so far been uncovered.
The officials also observed the ongoing installation of surveillance cameras and monitoring systems along the border and thanked Egypt for its efforts to destroy the tunnels on its border with Gaza.
The donated equipment can detect underground tunnels and can also detect any underground movement even if it is far away.
As a result of the crippling land, sea, and air blockade of the Gaza Strip imposed by Israel and Egypt following the democratic victory of Hamas in Palestinian elections, Gaza's 1.5 million inhabitants have had to rely on 'illicit' and perilous tunnels as the sole means of obtaining essential supplies such as food and medicines.
(Source: Press TV) -