Horror of Gaza war indelibly burned into world’s collective consciousness

December 29, 2009 - 0:0

One year has passed since the Israeli military launched an insane war on a defenseless nation in Gaza that shocked the world.

The horrific scenes of the war brought more shame for Israel in particular and mankind in general.
After savagely pounding a population besieged from air, land, and sea, who even did not have enough food to eat, Israeli war minister Ehud Barak stood beside then prime minister Ehud Olmert, buoyant and exuberant about having committed war crimes.
The attack on Gaza was not a really a war. It was more like a savage animal tearing up its prey in the jungle.
The shocking scenes of mutilated babies, women, and children, whose only crime was that they were born in their motherland, can never be erased from the world’s collective memory.
The psychological trauma of the war will stay forever with the children of Gaza who were caught in the middle of the conflagration, especially those who were maimed for life.
One year on, I still cannot forget or hold back my tears when I think about what happened to those four small starving children found next to their dead mothers, who were too weak to even stand up on their own.