Galloway: Britain, Egypt need leaders like Erdogan

January 11, 2010

British lawmaker George Galloway has slammed Egypt for its support of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, hailing Turkey's support for the Palestinian people.

Galloway, who headed the Viva Palestina aid convoy for the Gazans, was deported from Egypt.
“I wish that Egypt and Britain had leaders like (Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip) Erdogan,” Turkey's Yenisafak quoted Galloway as saying on Saturday.
He hailed the Turkish government's support for the humanitarian convoy.
The member of the Respect Party noted that he will never visit Egypt again, stressing that the Egyptian people are different from the “dictatorship” running the country and said that he will miss them.
Galloway said that he is discussing a new plan with Turkish officials to carry humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip directly from Turkey via the Mediterranean Sea.
He said that such a move is expected to take place in March.
Despite restrictions imposed by the Egyptian authorities, the Viva Palestina convoy of around 200 vehicles managed to break the Israeli siege of Gaza on Wednesday.
Fifty-nine vehicles were not allowed into the strip but the supplies were unloaded and taken through by the activists.
The activists entered Gaza through Rafah border crossing.
(Source: Press TV)