OIC approves Iran’s proposal for Gaza Day

February 1, 2010 - 0:0

KAMPALA - The Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Conference has approved Iran’s proposal to designate a day on the official calendars of Islamic countries as the Day of Gaza and Resistance.

On Sunday, the PUOIC delegates declared January 18 the official Day of Gaza and Resistance.
The sixth summit of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC was held in Kampala, Uganda to discuss various issues Islamic countries are facing.
The delegates at the summit, which ended on Sunday, described the Palestinian issue as the most serious challenge the Middle East is facing.
The conference condemned the human rights violations committed by the Zionist regime in the Palestinian territories, especially in Gaza, and called on the member states to form a united front to demand the recognition of the Palestinians’ legitimate right to establish an independent state.
The final statement of the conference insisted that the Gaza blockade be lifted immediately, called for the reconstruction of the coastal enclave, and condemned the continued construction of settlements in the West Bank.
The conference reaffirmed the legitimate right of all countries to access nuclear technology meant for peaceful purposes and called for international cooperation in facilitating the exchange of nuclear expertise and equipment for civilian applications.
It also denounced certain states’ threats to deprive other countries of their right to nuclear technology meant for peaceful purposes.
The countries participating in the conference reaffirmed their commitment to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, voiced concern about the nature of Israel’s nuclear program, and stressed the need for a thorough inspection of Israel’s nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
The OIC members also called for the dismantlement of the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, calling them a serious threat to peace and stability in the region.
In addition, the final declaration denounced terrorism and underlined the need for a distinction to be drawn between terrorism and resistance.
The conference also condemned the desecration of religious sanctities and called on the United Nations General Assembly to adopt a resolution banning such acts.
The OIC member states also called for efforts to increase cooperation among Islamic states and asked their parliaments to pass laws to facilitate economic transactions between Islamic countries.