U.S. using anti-Iran disinfo to sell missile shield

February 6, 2010 - 0:0

The U.S. has begun stepping up its anti-Iran propaganda to justify its decision to deploy a missile shield in Europe.

Washington's latest disinformation campaign about the alleged threat from Iran's advanced missile technology is being implemented to demonize Iran, even though the Islamic Republic has never threatened its neighbors and Iran's military technology is clearly only being developed to ensure the country can defend itself against any potential enemies.
""Our revised approach is tailored to address the emergent threat coming to the region from Iran,"" U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said on Thursday.
""We're going to protect our interests and those of our allies,"" AFP quoted Crowley as saying.
He confirmed that Romania would host medium-range ballistic missile interceptors as part of the shield system.
Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Thursday that Bucharest had agreed to participate in the system, which is expected to be operational by 2015.
In September 2009, the U.S. shelved a plan to place missile defense facilities in the Czech Republic and Poland after Russia vehemently protested.
(Source: Press TV)