Iranian military holds parade on Army Day

April 19, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has praised Iran’s military might, saying it deters all enemies from daring to attack the country.

Iran’s armed forces have such strength that the enemies will not even harbor the thought of attacking the country, Ahmadinejad said on Sunday during the annual military parade commemorating Iran’s Army Day.
The Iranian president stated that the best way to establish peace and security in the region is through cooperation and empathy among regional countries.
Experience shows that foreign interference in regional affairs is the root cause of all the tension and insecurity in the region, he added.
Ahmadinejad urged the United Stated and its allies to withdraw from the region, saying their presence has brought nothing but death and destruction.
“This is not a request, it is an order, this is the will of regional countries… they should go back to their homes and leave regional countries in charge of regional affairs,” he stated.
He also called Israel the center of conspiracy and conflict in the region and asked the United States to stop supporting the Zionist regime and to allow the Palestinian nation to determine their own destiny.
During the parade, the Iranian military showcased their latest domestically produced long-range surface-to-surface Ghadr missile.
The Iranian military also unveiled their long-range S-200 air defense system, which has been exclusively designed to defend large areas against aerial attacks, including assaults by high-speed and high-altitude aircraft, Press TV reported