Iran, Indonesia call for expansion of economic cooperation

May 31, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and his Indonesian counterpart Marzuki Alie have called for an expansion of economic and industrial cooperation between the two countries.

During a meeting in Tehran on Sunday, Larijani said the historical relationship between the two nations and their similar views on international issues have provided a suitable ground for boosting ties.
An increased relationship between the two countries’ private sector and chambers of commerce will be a major step in promoting economic, industrial and trade interactions.
He also highlighted the important role the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) plays in defending Palestinians’ rights and thanked Indonesia for making efforts in this regard.
Marzuki Alie said the Palestinian crisis would be resolved only through cooperation of the Islamic countries.
The Indonesian parliament speaker also said it is necessary that Iran and Indonesia strengthen their cooperation to solidify the position of Islamic nations on the international stage.
He also thanked the Iranian parliament for strengthening the positions of APA and the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union, saying the two institutions greatly affect interactions in Asia and the region.
U.S. should clarify stance to Islamic nations
The U.S. must choose between the Islamic world or the Zionist regime, Saeed Jalili, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary told Alie on Sunday.
The U.S. must either continue its previous wrong path of action that would make it more isolated or change its policy, he added.
He also said the Middle East peace process over the past year and half has shown to the Islamic world that the U.S. President Barack Obama’s initiative for achieving peace in the region was a big lie