Box of human heads found on flight to Fort Worth

June 20, 2010 - 0:0

If snakes on a plane is the premise for a horror-in-the-skies B-picture, how about a box filled with 40 to 60 human heads?

That was the real-life shocker that greeted a Southwest Airlines employee inspecting an unmarked oversized box Wednesday of last week.
“It wasn't labeled or packaged properly,” Ashley Rogers, a Southwest spokeswoman, told NBC. “They called the local authorities.”
A smart move, all things considered. Apparently, the transport of heads and other human body parts aboard commercial airliners isn't all that uncommon. Such parts are shipped to labs all around the country for medical research purposes.
However, the box of heads raised eyebrows with authorities in Little Rock, Ark. Security personnel intercepted the box as it was en route to a Fort Worth-based medical research firm with the suitably sci-fi name Medtronic, and worried, sensibly enough, that foul play could be afoot. Local coroner Garland Camper told NBC that “there is a black market for human body parts” and he wanted “to make sure these specimens” weren't involved with that gruesome trade.
Medtronic blamed the mislabeled packaging of the heads on its supplier, JLS Consulting of Wynne, Ark., a company that had its license revoked in December. For its part, JLS's founder blamed the private courier it used to ship the heads and noted that she's working to clear everything up.
“Nothing is wrong,” Janice Hepler told a local newspaper. “We're providing the documentation.”
That's right, nothing to see here, folks. No need to lose our heads.