Abducted nuclear expert Shahram Amiri arrives in Tehran today

July 15, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that Shahram Amiri, the abducted Iranian nuclear scientist who took refuge at the Iranian Interests Section in the Pakistani Embassy in Washington on Monday, is on his way back to Tehran. Amiri is expected to arrive in Tehran early today.

Amiri was abducted by the CIA while on an umra pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in June 2009.
Hassan Ghashghavi, the deputy foreign minister, said that Amiri had left Washington early on Wednesday morning. Ghashghavi added that Amiri was flying back to Tehran via Qatar’s capital, Doha.
Qashqavi said that Iran keeps the right to sue the U.S. for “damages” over the bad treatment toward Amiri.
In an interview with Iran’s national TV, Amiri said he was abducted by three Persian-speaking men while travelling from Mecca to Medina last year. He said he was first taken into a white van, then rendered unconscious until he found himself on a military plane heading to the U.S.
“The psychological pressure was 100 times more than the physical pressure which the interrogators naturally put you under,” Amiri said, adding that he was forced to say that he had carried a laptop and some documents showing that Iran sought nuclear weapons.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry had handed over to Swiss diplomats in Tehran new documents related to the abduction of the scientist by the CIA and called for Amiri’s prompt and unconditional release