Apples in northeast Iran are red inside

July 21, 2010

TEHRAN - In a village located 70 km from Shahroud, Semnan Province, a sour apple that is red inside can be found.

Earlier, the Daily Mail published a report saying that a Swiss scientist had produced an apple that is red inside.
A Swiss grower spent 20 years creating the apple without using genetic engineering techniques. It is expected that British greengrocers will start selling them in the next few years. Seed Company Suttons, based in Paignton, Devon, has secured the rights to sell Redlove sapling trees in the UK.
Firm spokesman Tom Sharples said, “This is the first red-fleshed, fine-tasting apple in the world. It has a delicious sweet and tangy taste with a hint of berries -- and it doesn’t turn brown.”