Agriculture minister getting closer to impeachment

August 18, 2010

TEHRAN – A number of lawmakers have called on the parliament to agree with the impeachment of Agricultural Jihad Minister Sadeq Khalilian, MP Mohammad Karami-Rad announced on Tuesday.

In early July, 30 lawmakers lodged an impeachment bid against Khalilian to the parliament’s presiding board.
They had cited excessive import of agricultural products, Khalilian’s incompetence, and disregard for insurance fund of agricultural crops as the major reasons to impeach the minister.
Karami-Rad went on to say that the writers of the impeachment bid held a session with the Majlis presiding board on Tuesday in which the presiding board made two proposals which were rejected by all the concerned lawmakers.
The first suggestion was holding a meeting among the writers of the impeachment bid, the minister, and the Majlis presiding board, while the second proposal was arranging a session without the presence of Khalilian, the lawmaker noted.
He said the MPs insisted that the subject should be raised at the open session of Majlis on Wednesday. If the parliament agrees to the demand, Sadeq Khalilian will face impeachment after 10 days.