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October 25, 2010 - 0:0

Nikzad is the ‘beautiful flower’ of administration

Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi has praised Housing Minister Ali Nikzad for his diligent efforts to facilitate the housing projects, describing him as a ‘beautiful flower’ of the administration. Rahimi has also highlighted the role of Housing and Urbanization Ministry and said the failure to resolve housing problems can result in the fall of any administration. The Housing and Urbanization Ministry is tasked with implementing the administration’s major housing project called ‘Mehr’ which envisages providing low-income people with affordable housing.
Ex-economy minster laments lack of vital statistics
Davoud Danesh-Jafari, the former economy minister during Ahmadinejad’s first term in office, has criticized the administration for failing to provide vital statists required for assessment of the country’s economic growth and evaluation of the success of the Fourth Development Plan (2005-2010). Danesh-Jafari has said when reliable data about GDP, per capita income, economic growth, inflation rate, unemployment rate, etc, is not available no expert can evaluate the success of economic policies and forecast where the national economy is heading. He has also said in the current situation, making feasible economic plans is impossible due to lack of reliable statistics.
Presidential advisor says censorship is stupidity
Mahdi Kalhor, the presidential advisor for media and information affairs, has commented that any government that adopts censorship as a policy is stupid, because in the modern world people cannot be held in a vacuum. He has said, “We can not hold a 50-year-old person in a test tube, because this person will die upon (his/her) first contact with a virus.”
Why did enemies impose sanctions on Iran?
Mohammad-Hossein Saffar-Harandi, the former minister of culture and Islamic guidance, has commented that the enemies shifted their policy after their plans to topple the Islamic system failed. Saffar-Harandi, who is currently cultural advisor to the IRGC chief, has said after the June 2009 presidential election, the enemies attempted to overthrow the Iranian government, however, when they failed they changed their tactics in confronting the Islamic system and resorted to sanctions. Saffar-Harandi has emphasized that certainly sanctions against Iran will also fail.
Opposition figure angry about warm welcome given to Leader in Qom
According to the Fars news agency, Mostafa Tajzadeh, the deputy interior minister in the reformist administration, has nervously and desperately reacted to the great welcome given to the Supreme Leader in his visit to Qom and claimed that officials are using Islam as a tool to reach their goals. Tajzadeh has also claimed that all around the world the popularity of Islam is on the rise, but it is opposite in Iran and Islamic values are in decline. According to the report, Tajzadeh who is angry about the Leader’s popularity has asserted that officials justify incompetency, corruption, suppression of people, nepotism and cronyism by taking advantage of Islam. Tajzadeh is a member of the banned reformist Islamic Iran Participation Front party.