“Standard-Bearer of Truth” unveiled at Farshchian Museum

December 13, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- “The Standard-Bearer of Truth”, the latest painting by master Persian miniaturist Mahmud Farshchian, was unveiled during a ceremony at the Farshchian Museum in Tehran on Sunday.

“The Standard-Bearer of Truth” depicts the brother of Imam Hussein (AS), Hazrat Abbas (AS), who was the standard-bearer of the Imam’s group during the Ashura event.
Hazrat Abbas (AS) was martyred on Tasu’a, the ninth day of Muharram, just one day before Ashura, the day that Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions were martyred.
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini and a number of other cultural officials attended the ceremony.
“Works by master Farshchian are spiritual resources of our country,” Hosseini said after unveiling the painting at the museum, which is located in the Sadabad Cultural Historical Complex.
“When I look at this work, it is like seeing master Farshchian himself. He has shown his love of the Prophet’s Household (AS) in this painting,” he added.
Farshchian previously painted “Evening of Ashura” and “Ali-Asghar (AS)” with Ashura as the central theme.
“The Standard-Bearer of Truth” will be transferred to Mashhad to be put on permanent display at the Astan-e Qods Razavi Museum and Library in the near future.
Photo: “The Standard-Bearer of Truth”, depicting Hazrat Abbas (AS), the brother of Imam Hussein (AS), is currently on display at the Farshchian Museum in Tehran. (Fars/Hamed Malekpur)