129 crystal meth labs busted

January 27, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iran’s Anti-Drug Police Squad chief has announced police have busted 129 crystal meth laboratories and seized 1,151 kilograms of crystal meth (methamphetamine) since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year which started March 21, 2010.

“20,170 people have also been arrested in connection with these crimes,” Hamid Reza Hossein-Abadi told reporters on Wednesday.
He said 23 of these laboratories have been busted since the implementation of the new law on illicit drugs on January 10.
He also added last month police managed to smash a major international crystal meth trafficking network which smuggled crystal meth batches from Iran to the Southeast Asian countries, particularly Malaysia.
“12 people were arrested in connection with this case and 42 kilograms of crystal meth were seized,” he explained.
The Iranian police have launched a major campaign against the crystal meth trafficking and manufacturing and announced that they plan to crack down hard on these crimes.
Under the Iranian law, crystal meth traffickers and manufactures will be fined and sentenced to jail, and if they commit the crimes again, they will face punishments including life imprisonment and execution.