Deputy Duma speaker opposes Russia’s participation in Iran sanctions

January 29, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Deputy speaker of the Russian lower house of parliament (State Duma) said in Moscow on Thursday that he does not approve of Russia’s participation in sanctions move against Iran.

“We oppose U.S. and European Union’s sanctions on Iran and we are not pleased with Russia’s participation in (imposing) the sanctions,” Vladimir Zhirinovskiy said in a meeting and members of Iran-Russia parliamentary friendship group and Tehran’s ambassador to Moscow.
The top Russian lawmaker also said, “We support Iran’s principled stances.”
Zhirinovskiy also said he would make efforts to make a change in certain Russian foreign policy issues particularly those concerned with Iran.
He went to say that he would make efforts to help implement contracts signed between the two countries.
Russia attaches great importance to ties with Iran
Hafiz Salehov, chairman of the Russia-Iran parliamentary friendship group, has said Iran plays a strategic role in the region and that Moscow attaches great importance to ties with Tehran.
In a meeting with the Iranian delegation, Salehov said Russia is interested in expanding relations with Iran in all areas.
Iran is one of the most important trade partners of Russia in the Middle East, he said, adding that the two countries share similar threats and interests in the Caspian Sea and at regional and international levels.
Russia should prove determination for cooperation
Mahdi Sanaee, the head of the Iranian delegation, said Russia should prove it is determined to expand cooperation with Iran.
“The Iranian public opinion expects Russia to prove its strong resolve in cooperating with Iran,” Sanaee told the First Deputy Chairman of the United Russia Parliamentary Party Oleg Morozov.
The regional and international developments necessitate that the two countries expand their cooperation and interactions