Puppet character Kolah-Qermezi to return in Noruz

January 31, 2011

TEHRAN -- Popular Iranian puppet character Kolah-Qermezi will be returning to the screen during the Noruz holidays.

The 4th edition of the Iranian TV series “Kolah-Qermezi”, by director Iraj Tahmasb, will be broadcast on state TV channel 2 to entertain children during the Iranian New Year, the Persian service of FARS reported on Sunday.
Kolah-Qermezi (The Red-Hatted) is a cute naughty puppet who wears a red hat. He is famous for his strange accent in his speech and making weird actions and decisions, which drives the host Tahmasb crazy most of the times.
His cousin, Pesar-Khaleh, completes the strange behaviors creating funny situations. The two are quite popular with the adults as well as children.
Comedy actor, Hamid Jebelli, lends his voice to both Kolah-Qermezi and Pesar-Khaleh.
The new series will appear with new stage designs and new guests, but will have the same host. The first two parts will be broadcast on March 18 and 19 and the other 14 episodes will appear during the Noruz holidays beginning on March 21.
The third edition of the series broke TV audience records last year and is expected to stay on top this year.
The two cinema productions “Kolah-Qermezi and Pesar-Khaleh” (1992), and “Kolah-Qermezi and Sarvenaz” (2001) drew hundreds of audiences to the theaters during those years.
Photo: Baran Kowsari and Kolah-Qermezi in a scene of a series broadcast from Iranian TV this year’s Noruz