Kimiaii sees “Crime” as closest to his world

February 16, 2011

TEHRAN -- Masud Kimiaii regards his film “Crime”, featuring a goon hired to kill someone, the closest movie to his world. The film is an entry in the national section of the 29th Fajr Film Festival.

“This movie has a particular attitude towards man, family and life. It features a man who comes out of his shell and turns out to be a man of the world of today,” said Kimiaii.
“Crime” was shown to cineastes and critics and reporters on Monday followed by a question and answer panel which included cast and crew members.
“The screenplay was first rejected by the officials and I was told that the storyline should take place during the years before the revolution. I did the same by producing the movie in black and white depicting an older time of Tehran,” he stated.
Regarding the major character of the film named Reza, Kimiaii explained, “If we look carefully and examine our surroundings, we can observe this character quite often. The story is about a goon is hired to kill someone but he later finds out the individual that he is to kill is much better than the one who has hired him, so he decides to kill the person who hired him.
“This is not my first or second work. The major line is clear in all my movies. The individual who likes it can come and watch the movie and the one who dislikes it is free to choose,” he added.
Stage designer Iraj Raminfar was also present in the session and talked about making old historical movies in the capital, adding, “We encountered great problems in making a historical movie compared to other countries.
“We first try to highlight the images of particular districts in the capital and recreate the old Tehran. It was filmed in black and white to reflect a more realistic atmosphere of the city,” Raminfar added.
Kimiaii went on to say, “The film reminds one of the truths, and I tried to recreate old Tehran inside the present Tehran. I have lived in every corner of this city. This is my city, I fell in love in this city, I made film here, and I learned to driving here, I wrote books and found friends here. So I never make films with any special stage designs, this takes one away from the films.”
Other cast and crew members including, actors Pulad Kimiaii (director’s son), Dariush Arjomand and Hamed Behdad, as well as production manger Tina Pakravan, also took part in the session and expressed their opinions on the movie.
Photo: Masud Kimiaii (L) directs Dariush Arjomand in a scene from “Crime” on June 18, 2010. (Mehr/Babak Borzuyeh)