MPs call for trial of Mousavi, Karroubi

March 3, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Lawmakers have urged the Judiciary to put Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi on trial for betraying the Islamic system.

On Wednesday session of the parliament, a special report on the February 14 incidents was read out in which MPs called for dealing firmly with Mousavi and Karroubi for committing treason against the Islamic system and the Islamic Revolution.
Parliamentarians also called on the prominent political figures who have remained silent about the seditionists’ actions to take unequivocal stances and condemn counter-revolutionaries.
On February 14, supporters of Mousavi and Karroubi gathered in some parts of Tehran and tried to stage protests, however the security forces managed to disperse the protesters. The incident left two people dead and several others injured.
The report says that the February 14 incidents occurred with support of the United States, the Zionist regime and Britain.
The report also offers a number of proposals for quelling the seditionists’ movements.
Following is an excerpt of the proposals:
The involvement of some foreign embassies in the seditious movements is proven, so the Foreign Ministry should take firm action against these bold interventions.
The satellite televisions and computer networks are tools in the hands of imperialists to organize the seditious movements, so it is necessary that the Judiciary takes appropriate measures to control these tools.
The security forces should try and improve their coordination and efficiency in dealing with the seditionists.
The national TV networks should produce programs to enlighten the public opinion about the seditious movements.
The enemies are seeking to take advantage of the discords among the government officials, especially the heads of three branches of the government, so the officials should try to maintain their unity.
The Judiciary should take firm action against those elements who created unrest on February 14, especially the leaders of sedition and their close allies.
The continuation of these counter-revolutionary actions is tantamount to acting against the national security and disturbing the peace, so the security forces should make every effort to prevent reoccurrence of such incidents.
Majlis to give crushing response to U.S.
After the special report was read out, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that the United States should know that making attempts to undermine the Iranian nation’s interests can not be ignored and the Iranian parliament will “give a firm and crushing response to the United States’ childish movements.”
“The United States should know that the MPs monitor their movements with open eyes and will not let them play a childish and blind game,” Larijani said.
“We know that the U.S. president and other U.S. officials make silly remarks because the regional nations’ will has thrown them into a tight corner,” he noted.