Iran, Zimbabwe to cooperate on uranium mining: Zimbabwean FM

March 3, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Zimbabwean Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has said that his country plans to cooperate with Iran on uranium mining.

“Zimbabwe has rich uranium reserves, but is faced with shortage of funds and does not possess the technical knowledge and equipment needed for extracting rich uranium ores,” Mumbengegwi told ISNA in an interview published on Wednesday.
“If we can work together on uranium mining, it will improve the economic situation of both countries,” he said.
The Zimbabwean official also said that the two countries can have cooperation in the energy sector, especially in construction of oil refineries.
He went on to say that Zimbabwe is willing to buy fuel from Iran.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Zimbabwean foreign minister said it is the best time for the Iranian companies to invest in Zimbabwe, adding when a country’s economy is in a bad situation, it is the best time for making investment in that country because investors will receive many incentives.
Commenting on the structure of the United Nations, Mumbengegwi said that the power is concentrated in the UN Security Council and the members of the council are empowered to make every decision they wish.
It is not fair and more power should be transferred to the General Assembly which has 194 members, he said, proposing that the number of the UN Security Council should be increased to 26 countries.
He added that the imposition of sanctions on countries should also be approved by the General Assembly.
On the UN sanctions on Iran and Zimbabwe, he said imposing sanctions on these countries are not accidental.
“The Western governments treat the governments that don’t accept their dominance in this way and impose sanctions on them,” he said.
“The Western governments are skilled at fabricating reasons to justify their actions,” he stated, adding every unbiased observer can testify that Zimbabwe is one of the most democratic countries in Africa and the human rights are never violated in the country.
On Iran’s nuclear program, the Zimbabwean diplomat said the Western countries have created a brouhaha over Iran’s nuclear issue, but according to the international regulations all countries have the right to use the nuclear energy for peaceful applications.