Persian Press Review

March 3, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from the editorials, commentaries, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers.

Wednesday’s headlines
KAYHAN: Plan for military occupation of Libya intended to counter Islamic movements in the region
HAMSHAHRI: Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani’s candidacy for chairmanship of Assembly of Experts is welcomed
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: New efforts by Majlis to provide budget for metro
JAME JAM: ‘Arab’ dust storm to hit Iran again
HEMAYAT: Iran welcomes expanding relations with China
JAVAN: 24% increase in Iran-Europe commercial relations after sanctions, Eurostat reports
TAFAHOM: Civil servicemen salary to be increased next year
IRAN: Registration of 8.5 million workers will start from next week to grant justice share, says labor and social affairs minister
DONYA EGHTESAD: Bubble in gold, coin markets
SHARQ: Judiciary spokesman says Mousavi and Karroubi are not held in Heshmatieh (detention center)
TAFAHOM: Masters degree essential in running for parliament
Leading articles
TEHRAN EMROOZ in an analysis says the Assembly of Experts has a special status in the Islamic Republic system. It is not comparable with any other body in the system as it is tasked to elect Leader and supervise his performance. The most important characteristic of the assembly is the knowledge and qualification of its members. The 86-member assembly is free from political tensions. However certain media outlets and politicians are trying to politicize the scholarly and rational atmosphere dominant in the assembly through their wrong journalistic analyses. It is necessary to remind these persons that the assembly members, as the elected representatives of people, can do their job in the best way possible and there is no need for creating a tense journalistic atmosphere as politicking has no place in the assembly.
HAMSHAHRI in an analysis entitled “Iran and Qatar, a Model for Regional Relations” says frequent visits by the Iranian and Qatari officials over the recent years have strengthened ties between the two countries. Though Qatar is a small country in the Persian Gulf region it plays a key role in regional developments. Qatar is a friend of both Iran and U.S. (which are considered enemies), yet Doha has adopted a balanced policy in this regard. The U.S. has the largest air base in Al Udeid in Qatar which is one of the most modern bases with advanced military installations to the extent that it can handle 120 jet fighters. However, Doha has not allowed its strategic ties with Washington to affect its dealings with Tehran. For example, Iran and Qatar have signed a security cooperation to fight terrorism and other security threats in the region. Qatar considers Iran an important and influential country in the region and the Qatari leader views relations with Tehran strategic.