Persian Press Review

March 6, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from the editorials, commentaries, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers.

Saturday’s headlines KAYHAN: Intelligence Ministry is strong base in modern world’s information war, Leader says
HEMAYAT: First deputy judiciary chief advises prosecutors not allow anyone be kept in detention unreasonably
JAVAN: Iran ready to resume relations with Egypt, says charge d’affairs
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: Mohsen Hashemi resigns as Tehran metro manager
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: Ayatollah Khatami says extremism does not work in politics
HAMSHAHRI: Unkindness toward metro passengers continues
JAHAN EGHTESAD: National Development Fund to be established next year
MARDOM SALARI: Import of 20 tons of opium into the country was licensed by Interior Ministry, NAJA commander confirms
IRAN: Royanian (chief of center for management of transport and fuel consumption) accuses Tehran metro managers of lying, says government aid to metro has increased 5 to 7 times
JAME JAM: Behdad Salimi breaks Reza Zadeh world record
KHABAR: Singlehood has increased 30 percent in Iran
Leading articles
SHARQ in a commentary, written by political analyst Sadeq Zibakalam, says the shape of the Libyan crisis is getting much different from other Arab countries as the crisis continues. The Libyan uprising is becoming similar to a classical revolution. People are armed in the cities which are no longer under the control of government and Gaddafi’s army, despite using heavy weaponry including tanks, jet fighters and tanks, have so far failed to take the cities back. All evidences show that the Libyan people are standing against the colonel’s regime with all their power and have no intention to back down. At the same Gaddafi does not seem to even think of abandoning the power and he is determined to crush the resistance movement and restore his dominance over the country.
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ in an editorial asks: How it can be conceived that the administration, which refuses to implement a parliamentary ratification and makes frequent illegal demands to take over the control of Tehran metro, to insist on enforcement of law?! The columnist says this is a method that administration officials have been pursuing and the director of center for management of transport and fuel consumption, by presenting false statistics, is moving ahead of others and accuses managers of Tehran metro of “insulting the people”. The writer asks isn’t the ‘open disregard’ to the ratifications of Majlis (which ratified a law obliging the government to release 2 billion dollars from the Foreign Exchange Fund for metro projects in metropolises) and the elected city councilors (who elect mayors and supervise their performance) an insult to the people and their representatives