University of Edinburgh to award honorary doctorate to Iranian scholar

March 7, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iranian scholar Iraj Afshar will receive an honorary doctorate in history from the University of Edinburgh this coming September.

Historian scholar, manuscript expert and tourist, Iraj Afshar, has been hospitalized in the ICU section of the Jam Hospital because of an infectious disease that has emerged after his recent trip to the United States.
“Mohammad-Ali Forughi Notes”, is the title of his recently published book, Bokhara managing director, Ali Dehbashi, told the Persian service of ISNA.
He was compiling the second volume of his Iranian travelogue when the disease afflicted him. Readers, warmly welcomed the first volume of the book, “Jaunt to Motherland”.
Dehbashi said that some of the memoirs of Afshar were published in the Bokhara magazine. He expressed his hope to complete the edition of his memoirs so it can be published in near the future.
He said that Afshar has submitted his latest notes under the title of “Recent Iranology” to the Bokhara and the magazine will published them in the Noruz edition.
He was the chief bibliographer of Persian books at Harvard University. Afshar was associated with UNESCO and taught at the University of Bern and Tehran University.
He is also on the advisory council for the Iranian Studies Journal.
Photo: Iraj Afshar at his office in Tehran in an undated photo