Hague says he has no plans to quit

March 14, 2011 - 0:0

LONDON (AFP) – Foreign Secretary William Hague has dismissed media claims that he has lost his “mojo” and is ready to resign over his handling of the Libyan crisis.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Hague said he enjoys strong “public and private support” from Prime Minister David Cameron.
The foreign secretary said he had returned to politics “to support” Cameron and to “serve the country”.
“I am not walking away from those things. People had better get used to the idea,” Hague told the newspaper.
The foreign secretary has come under criticism for the botched SAS mission to Libya to make contact with rebels and the slow start to evacuation of British nationals from the country.
Senior Liberal Democrat Sir Menzies Campbell had even questioned Hague's commitment to the job.
“I am not sure just how enthusiastic he is about this business,” Sir Menzies said earlier in the week.
Hague rejected the criticism, saying he had “put a huge amount of new energy into British foreign policy.”
Referring to the “Arab Spring”, Hague said: “These are historic and momentous events that are taking place.
“It's the most important challenge for the EU since the end of the Cold War.”
He said any military action in Libya should a legal base as well as support of the Arab nations.
Asked if Hague's position in the government was under threat, the prime minister's official spokesman has said Cameron was not planning a cabinet reshuffle “any time soon”.