Persian Press Review

April 6, 2011 - 0:0

Tuesday’s headlines

JAM-E JAM: (Former Portugal coach Carlos) Queiroz says ‘My dream is (FIFA) World Cup’
HEMAYAT: Tehran Stock Exchange breaks record (in share price rises)
DONYA EGHTESAD: House of Chamber chairman warns against illusion of lowering inflation by cutting three zeroes off (national currency)
JAM-E JAM: Airbag a matter of new clash between car manufacturers and police
KAYHAN: Persian Gulf Cooperation Council statement has no value, Ahmadinejad says
SHARQ: Egypt sets conditions for relations with Iran
HAMSHAHRI: (Tehran) metro will be expanded 15 kilometers this year (March 2011-March 2012)
TEHRAN EMROOZ: Does the ghost of liquidity wakes up
KHORASAN: 90 percent discount in loan interest rates if installments are paid in advance, according to Central Bank new rule
JAVAN: Transfer of another 10,000 civil servants from Tehran in New Year (March 2011-March 2012)
HEMAYAT: Iranians record holder in consumption of medicine in the world
KEYHAN: Formation of Economic Jihad Committee in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament)
IRAN: Western aim is to save Israel, Ahmadinejad says
FARHIKHTEGAN: Rafsanjani says Azad University (Open University) reaches the level of the world scientific standards
SHARQ: Iran cuts relations with Louvre Museum
QODS: Ahmadinejad warns against the plot to break up Jordan
MELLAT-E MA: Majlis gives ultimatum to Oil Ministry
MELLAT-E MA: (Majlis) plan to launch probe into Bushehr nuclear plant