Arsenal chairman attacks fans

April 10, 2011 - 0:0

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has described the club's supporters' trust as ""silly people"" and pledged 100% support for manager Arsene Wenger in the face of discontent from some fans.

Wenger conducted an impassioned defence of his philosophy, his players and his role at the club during a press conference on Friday as he addressed a statement from the Arsenal Supporters' Trust that expressed ""disappointment"" at the club's failure to win a cup this season.
The Gunners boss said that finishing second in the league would represent success of sorts given the vast amounts spent by some of the club's rivals in the table, and underlined that his impressive consistency in reaching the Champions League every year should not be overlooked.
Regarding discontent supporters, he said: ""At every game I find people complaining. What are you talking about? I don't understand supporters complaining.""
Hill-Wood says the board remain firmly supportive of their manager, while also attacking the Arsenal Supporters' Trust for undermining Wenger.
""We are 100% behind him,"" Hill-Wood told the Daily Star. ""That is always a dangerous statement, but I can assure you it has not crossed our minds that we wouldn't support him 100%.
""I simply cannot believe he will react to these stupid comments from these silly people. They are supposed to be supporters, but, in fact, they do quite a lot of damage.
""We have set the bar high and everybody expects us to achieve that every year, but it simply isn't possible. If you keep changing managers every nine months, you get into even more trouble.""
Hill-Wood also suggested that he could withdraw privileges from the Arsenal Supporters' Trust, who currently meet with influential figures such as chief executive Ivan Gazidis.
""They are in danger of us becoming less friendly with them,"" he said. ""We haven't yet, but I am just saying we could become less friendly.""