“Love in the Time of Unrest” to go on display at Dubai gallery

April 12, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Paintings by Behrang Samadzadegan will go on display during an exhibition at Dubai’s XVA Gallery from April 12 to May 14.

Entitled “Love in the Time of Unrest”, the paintings manifest Samadzadegan’s world which is “filled with a mixture of these feelings; gloom hidden behind a decorated curtain and smiles that become an image for propaganda and suggest joy and light,” as he mentioned in his note on the showcase.
“When gloom reappears from behind the curtain and shows itself beyond the Janus face of our society, we escape to humor and coquetry to make reality endurable. So, we alter reality to make it tolerable. Reality changes color in our hands,” he added.
Samadzadegan’s works went on display at different solo and group exhibitions in Iran, U.S.A., Turkey, Armenia, Turkey, Belgium, Egypt, Austria and Italy.
He won a Golden Feather at the 1st International Media Art Festival (IMAFY) in Cairo, Egypt in 2008.
Photo: Behrang Samadzadegan in an undated photo