How to be successful in life & work @by=By Christina Schlachter

April 13, 2011 - 0:0

Ever wonder why some women succeed in the most adverse conditions, while others seem to be running around in a time starved void not able to make the big jump to success? Successful women know that success does not just come, you have to cultivate it. So whether you are wanting success in starting a new business, your job, or your relationships, these three tips will put your on the path to reach your goals.

Be Selfish (at times). Follow the instructions you hear when you walk on the plane: In case of a loss of cabin pressure, put your mask on first before helping others. As women, moms, wives, and business owners we often take care of everyone else first, and then think of ourselves. But your family, business, community, and everyone else will no longer be able to use your expertise and passion if you are sick, sleep deprived, or having a breakdown from stress. Even if it is 5 minutes in the morning doing a few yoga poses, or just reading a few pages of your favorite book or magazine, take the time for you.
You need to plant and nurture ideas in order to grow something. Wishing, wanting, and dreaming are essential parts of being wildly successful. But if you don’t do something, nothing will happen. I could wish upon every star in the world to run my next marathon, but without stepping on a track or putting on running shoes, it is not going to happen. You can wish and dream to have a great job, but unless you sit down and write a wonderful resume and then network like crazy to get it out, nothing will happen. Get moving, do something, and watch your life and dreams take root and grow.
Be grateful. I have always believed in this, but it is easy to get caught in the trap of letting one bad thing roll into the next. Successful women turn it around. Rather than cursing the darkness, they light a candle. Successful business women get that way because they are appreciative for everything. Missed the bus to work? Now you have 10 minutes to read the paper or do emails while waiting for the next one. Got stuck in the middle row of an airplane or waiting in long line at the post office? Who knows if the person next to you may help find your next client or job. When you are grateful for everything, and express that gratitude, pretty soon more good things start happening. “You have to appreciate the little things in order for the big things to come,” says Isisara Bey, VP, Programs & Education for the Make Mine a Million campaign, an AmEx Open sponsored event to help women grow their businesses to the million dollar mark.
The road to success in business, life, and relationships is not always easy. It takes the right combination of elbow grease, desire, and dedication. Things probably will not happen overnight and they will be obstacles, but didn’t our mothers always tell us, nothing in life is easy? Anything worth doing is really worth doing successfully.
***** Dr. Christina Schlachter runs Two Hemispheres Consulting, a change leadership training and coaching company, and is author of the upcoming book, Make a Life, Not a Schedule. She is a pitch winner on the Make Mine a Million women in business community and can be reached at