Mother and daughter painters displaying national symbols at Tehran gallery

April 18, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- An Iranian mother and her daughter are displaying symbols taken from national mythology in their paintings currently on display at Tehran’s Shirin Gallery.

Mother Leila Jalayer, a graduate of Rome University of Fine Arts, is showing her collection of watercolors featuring national symbols, historical monuments and sites.
This is her first show in Iran. Bam Citadel, Taq-e Bostan, a Sassanid monument in Kermanshah, and fantastic scenery are observed in the watercolors created by Jalayer.
“I have long been working with different media but I have now been focusing on watercolor and love to work on whatever is related to Iran. My daughter also loves to work on Iranian myths although she does not currently live in Iran,” she said in a press release on Sunday.
Daughter Yalda Jafari, a graduate of computer graphic from New York has so far carried out several projects on book illustration.
“I love ancient symbols from Persian mythology like fish, love birds, and doves, and try to mix them with the modern atmosphere of today. All my works are expressive and give each visitor a special feeling in viewing the paintings,” said Jafari.
On selections of poetry and lines of words appearing here and there on her large paintings, she explained, “I have composed several poems, some of which have been added on my works. They seem to be illegible and the visitors get involved in attempting to recognize the words, of course this is what I have actually intended.”
This is their first joint exhibit that will run until April 27 at the gallery located at 145 North Salimi St., off Andarzgu Blvd. in the Farmanieh neighborhood.
Photo: Art fans visit a joint exhibit of mother and daughter painters Leila Jalayer and Yalda Jafari at the Shirin Gallery on April 15, 2011. (Photo by Mehdi Tajrishi)