Protests welcome Obama to California

April 23, 2011 - 0:0

During Barack Obama's ninth visit to California, hundreds have gathered in Los Angeles to call on the US president to remain true to his campaign promises.

Protesters gathered after Obama made a speech about his deficit plan at a Facebook headquarters in California to voice their disappointment.
“One out of four immigrants in the nation live in California, so what we're asking the president is remember the promises you made for the immigrant electorate, and come through,” Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, Jorge-Mario Cabrera told Press TV.
Cabrera says that Obama had vowed to make immigration legislation a priority, but has failed to bring about any real changes in the country's immigration policies. However, Cabrera said that the Hispanic community would continue to support Obama.
Protesters also voiced their opposition to the president's fiscal policy, as some said they felt Obama had not properly acknowledged the country's recession and the hardships of the people.
“When Barack Obama took office our debt was USD 8 trillion. In less than two and a half years it's USD 14.3 trillion,” one protester said.
The US budget shortage hit a record USD 1.65 trillion this year -- 10.9 percent of GDP -- according to figures in Obama's 2012 budget.