Islamic awakening in region will surely reach fruition: Leader

April 24, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that the Islamic awakening which is occurring in certain regional countries will definitely come to fruition.

The Leader made the remarks in an address to thousands of people from the southern Iranian province of Fars at a meeting in Tehran on Saturday.
The Islamic awakening of regional nations, inspired by the Islamic Revolution of Iran, will definitely come to fruition, as it has achieved victory in certain countries, the Leader stated.
“The final outcome of this movement will be in the interests of regional nations, but they must be vigilant since the enemy is waiting in ambush to redirect this movement,” he added.
Israel is main reason behind West’s oppression
The Leader also stated that the existence of the “fake” Zionist regime is the main reason behind the oppression being committed by the United States and certain other Western countries against the people of regional states.
“The people of Bahrain have suffered the greatest oppression,” he added.
Iran not meddling in affairs of regional states
Commenting on the fact that certain countries have accused Iran of meddling in the affairs of Arab states that have been experiencing pro-democracy protests, the Leader said that Iran has only announced its stance on the developments.
“The Western powers have made Iran the target of their propaganda attack since the Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted a correct stance and has clearly announced it,” he stated.
Iranian officials should not fall in enemies’ traps
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader advised Iranian officials against taking any action which would provide enemies with a pretext to create a commotion about the country.
He made the remarks in reference to the commotion created by certain media outlets about Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi’s resignation, which was accepted by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but was rejected by the Leader.
On April 19, certain media outlets reported that the president insisted on his decision to accept the intelligence minister’s resignation. But some of the president’s close allies rejected the reports and said that the president has always obeyed the Leader’s orders.
“Do not allow any division to occur and do not let the enemies reach the goals of their propaganda campaign,” the Leader said, addressing Iranian officials.
“Look what a commotion foreign media outlets have created about an issue which was not of much importance, and in their analyses they are saying that division has opened up in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the president has not obeyed the Leader’s words,” he said.
The Leader added, “The propaganda that the enemies disseminated in recent days once again indicated that they are waiting for a pretext and are lying in wait like a wolf.”
He said that the resistance of the Iranian nation and the fact that it has become a model for the people of regional states are the main reasons why the enemies are exerting pressure on the country and have launched a propaganda campaign against it.
However, despite all the pressure, the Islamic Republic of Iran stands firm on the stance it has adopted and will not give in to the enemies’ pressure, the Leader said.
He added, “The Leader has never intended to interfere in the affairs and decisions of the government unless he feels an interest (of the country) is being ignored.”
“As long as I am alive and have responsibility, I will not allow the slightest deviation in the Iranian nation’s great movement toward the (realization of the) causes (of the Islamic Revolution),” the Leader emphasized.