Dates prevent cardiac and cerebral infarctions Tehran Times Health Desk

April 25, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN- Consumption of dates lowers blood cholesterol and prevents cardiac and cerebral infarctions, a dietitian says.

Morteza Safavi in an interview with the Fars New Agency says dates supply all useful vitamins for physiologic activities in body.
Unripe dates are full of vitamin E which is helpful in curing infertility in men and women, he explains.
Safavi says vitamin E as an antioxidant in dates is effective in storing vitamins A and C and selenium element. He adds it also enhances youth power and delays cell aging.
Safavi goes on to say that vitamin E in dates prevents coronary arteries clot formation, lowers blood pressure, and increases urination as well.
Dates also prevent abortion in pregnant women, the dietitian says, adding dates are full of B group vitamin preventing skin, neurotic and psychiatric diseases.
Vitamin B1 in dates also lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces migraine headache.