Winners of Persian Gulf Book Festival announced

April 25, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The winners of the first Persian Gulf Book Festival and some Persian Gulf scholars were honored during a ceremony on Saturday in Bandar Abbas.

Alireza Mirza Mohammad’s book “Persian Gulf, the Mirror of Centuries and Periods” was selected in the History Section. In the Geography Section, the book “Persian Gulf, Countries and Borders” by Piruz Mojtahedzadeh and “The Strategic Role of Strait of Hormoz” by Mohammadreza Hafezian were picked as the best books.
The Persian version of Piruz Mojtahedzadeh’s “Security and Territoriality in the Persian Gulf” by Amir-Masud Ejtehadi won the best book in the Translation Section and “Persian Gulf “ by Mohammad Valizadeh was selected as the best book in the Poetry Section.
The novel “On the Crimson Blue Roads” by celebrated Iranian author Nader Ebrahimi was selected as the best book in the Novel Section of the festival.
Scholars Ahmad Eqtedari, Mohammad Baqer Vosuqi and Hassan Zanganeh were also honored at the festival for their lifetime achievements in studying issues related to the Persian Gulf.
The veteran translator and author Hassan Zanganeh who lives in Bushehr has translated several books on the history of Bushehr and the Persian Gulf into Persian.
Ahmad Eqtedari has penned over 40 book and 200 academic papers, many of which are on Persian Gulf issues. Scholar Mohammad Baqer Vosuqi also has penned several books on the Persian Gulf as well.
The first Persian Gulf Book Festival was held at the Tuba Hall in Bandar Abbas on April 23.