Persian Press Review

April 26, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from editorials, commentaries, interviews, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers and websites.

Monday’s headlines
KAYHAN: Abdullah Saleh agrees to step down; Yemenis say dictator must stand trial
JAVAN: Inspiring idea of dual power in country is contrary to the truth
HAMSHAHRI: The disabled war veterans’ largest cultural and sports complex will be opened on May 24
JAME JAM: Parliament representatives’ educational degree announced
HEMAYAT: It is necessary to draw up principles of Islamic human rights, Judiciary chief says
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: Iranian ambassadors based in North Africa and Middle East meet in Tehran
SHARQ: Rent prices in Tehran increase by 20%
IRAN: Parliamentary committees greatly change the current year budget
MELAT MA: No key statistics about national economy for three years
FARHIKHTEGAN: Claims of Iran’s interference in Syria’s affairs are false, Mehmanparast says
Leading articles
In an interview with the TEHRAN-E EMROOZ newspaper, Dr. Asadollah Athari says if we want to evaluate the impact of the recent developments in Egypt and on Egypt-Israel relations, it can be said that after Camp David peace treaty was signed between the two countries, attempts have been made to prevent any friction between Cairo and Tel Aviv. So the U.S. is seeking to manage the developments in a way that the treaty would not be rescinded. He added Israel is also seeking to manage the political landscape in Egypt in order to prevent extremists come to power in the country. Athari also said instead of pursuing an Iraqi model in the region the U.S. is trying to introduce Egypt as a model to Arab countries. He added the United States manages developments in Egypt in a way that other countries adopt this model for themselves and this can be called the “new” or “fourth wave of democratization” in the Middle East.
On two patients, who were reportedly abandoned by a state-run hospital’s ambulance in a farmland around Tehran as they had not been able to afford hospital costs, IRAN newspaper says the health minister and the Tehran prosecutor general have ordered the relevant officials to launch an immediate investigation into the issue. Dr. Hosseini, the director of the public relation department of the Health Ministry, said, “We seriously investigate the issue”. So far the name of the hospital responsible for the shocking incident has not been revealed. “…if the hospital is found guilty the culprits will be seriously dealt with,” Hosseini said. Meanwhile, a website affiliated to the Tehran public and revolution court announced on Sunday that police have launched search to arrest culprits behind the incident. IRAN newspaper adds that one of its reporters who had visited the Kahrizak nursing home in south of Tehran had been told a similar story involving a female patient