Iranian artists express solidarity with Bahraini protesters

April 28, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- A group of Iranian artists gathered here on Tuesday at Tehran’s Art Bureau to express solidarity with the oppressed Bahraini people.

Farabi Cinematic Foundation (FCF) Director Ahmad Mir-Alaii, Art Bureau director Mohsen Momeni, Iranian Academy of Arts (IAA) Director Ali Mo’allem Damghani, author Mohammadreza Sarshar and filmmaker Reza Mirkarimi were among the participants
Protests in Bahrain started on February 14 as the Bahraini opposition inspired by the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa organized an anti-government rally in Manama.
The Bahraini government resorted to violence to put down the unrest, but failed to contain the protests.
Momeni praised the awareness of the artists about the events in the world and said that God protects the oppressed.
Iranian artists have never been oblivious of the oppressed people in the world and wherever they see injustice and oppression, they will react against it, he said.
Iranian people and artists have felt a responsibility toward the oppressed people of Palestine all these years, he said, adding that some even lost their lives like those who went to Afghanistan to help the people there.
He expressed hope that Bahrainis will get their rights back. Iranian students, scholars and ulema had already denounced the bloody massacre of protesters in Bahrain.
Photo: Director Reza Mirkarimi (L) and producer and actor Alireza Shojanuri (R) attended a gathering of Iranian artists at the Art Bureau in Tehran on April 26, which was organized to express solidarity with the people of Bahrain. (IRNA/Meysam Alaqemandan)