Persian Press Review

April 30, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from editorials, commentaries, interviews, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers and websites.

Thursday’s headlines
KAYHAN: Producing high-quality goods and buying Iranian goods are important parts of economic jihad, Leader says
KHORASAN: World’s first smart nano drug able to destroy cancer cells is produced in Iran
JAVAN: Government drafts three plans to control rent price
HEMAYAT: Ayatollah Gorgani urges intl. organizations to find a solution to crises in certain Muslim countries
JAME JAM: Larijani says it is essential to facilitate production cycle in economic jihad
HAMSHAHRI: Allocation of $2 billion budget to metro development from national development fund
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: MPs agree to increase oil base price from 80 to 81.5
FARHIKHTEGAN: 10 million gold coins to enter the market, Bahmani (central banker) announces
SHARQ: Report about candidacy of Hassan Khomeini (grandson of Imam Khomeini) for (presidential) election dismissed
QODS: Iran is in higher scientific status than Turkey
MELLATEMA: Central bank deputy governor says removing zeros will take 15 months
Leading articles
JAVAN in a news report quotes Morteza Nabavi as saying that the principlists are making every effort to form a unity coalition in the run-up to the parliamentary election, and they believe that they will still hold the majority of the seats in parliament. However, he said most faces will change in the next parliament. Nabavi, the deputy chairman of the Islamic Society of Engineers, also stated that reformists can enter the political fray and contest the parliamentary election as most of the faction’s prominent figures have not been recognized as unqualified. If reformists contest the election, the principlists will also be able to form a unity coalition, Nabavi, a former lawmaker, noted. He added that principlists have still confidence in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, however that does not mean that the president is impeccable.
RASA news agency in a news report quotes Grand Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi-Amoli as saying that Saudi Arabian forces are setting mosques on fire being aware of the fact that Qurans are at mosques. He also condemned the deployment of Saudi troops in Bahrain which was meant to repress the people. Javadi-Amoli added unfortunately those who regard themselves as khalifas have dispatched troops to Bahrain to quash the popular uprising there. On the one hand they print the Quran, but on the other hand they burn it, he stated