Riots erupt in Uganda after politician's take-down

April 30, 2011 - 0:0

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) -– Security forces in Uganda are facing off against rioters incensed by the violent arrest of the country's top opposition leader.

Rioters on Friday are burning tires in some of Kampala's downtown streets, and most shops are closed. Security forces fired tear gas and guns at the protesters. It isn't clear if the bullets were live or rubber.
Some of the demonstrators carried posters praising Kizza Besigye, the country's top opposition politician. Besigye has held five ""walk to work"" demonstrations to protest rising prices and what he calls a corrupt government.
Security forces busted in to Besigye's vehicle on Thursday and sprayed tear gas at close range, a scene that some of the protesters on Friday said fueled the new protests.