Smoking, direct sunlight may cause eye cancer

May 1, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -President of Iranian Ophtalmology Association tells Fars News Agency that melanocarcinoma, an orbital cancer, is originated mostly from pigment layer including choroid, ciliary body, and iris, although sunlight and cigarette smoking also cause the disease.

Professor Hormoz Shams says melanocarcinoma is considered as one of the common cancers among children. He said 6-7 people in one million people are diagnosed with the cancer, which is more prevalent among whites.
The symptoms appear after disease progression and we must notice that pigmentary tumors are recognizable through routine ophthalmologic tests, he explains, adding melanocarcinoma tumor is symptom free in its primary stages.
Concerning melanocarcinoma’s other symptoms in children, he says this tumor is swollen, conical, brown colored, and recognizable in 95% of cases and it can be diagnosed by sonography, scanning and MRI, and its progression can be measured.
Liver lab tests are considered the most important diagnostic procedure for the patients, he explains.
He says thermotherapy and laser therapy are applied for smaller tumors while larger ones are treated by radiotherapy. These procedures have decreased the need to orbital evacuation operations, Shams adds