Malouda: I can be Chelsea's Giggs

May 1, 2011 - 0:0

Florent Malouda believes Carlo Ancelotti is the right man to guide Chelsea to Champions League glory and wants to be there when that happens - and wants to become a long-term figurehead for the club just as Ryan Giggs has at Manchester United.

Malouda has another two years on his current contract, leading to uncertainty about his future at the club.
Malouda, 30, has been one of a number of high-profile names, including Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, that Chelsea are reportedly considering selling this summer. Malouda would like to sign a new deal, but he thinks it is unlikely to happen so soon.
""I just want to feel I am important at the club,"" Malouda told the Daily Telegraph. ""Sometimes I don't feel so when I see in the media that the club are thinking of selling me, and I know I'm doing great.
""I want to be the Ryan Giggs of Chelsea! I want to extend my contract by one year until 2014. The club have been saying that because I am over 30, I have to wait until the last year of my contract to speak about an extension. Questions come into my mind. Do the club want me to stay?
""I am waiting for a signal from the club. I am much appreciated by the coach. But I need support from the club as well.""
Ancelotti is also facing an uncertain future after Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League at the hands of Manchester United and are unlikely to defend their Premier League title after their domestic Double last season.
However, Malouda says stability is the key to success and wants the club to put their faith in the Italian, saying the criticism of the Chelsea manager is ""unfair"".
""He's one of the greatest managers. He's good tactically. He's brought stability to the club, won the Double at the first attempt,"" he said. ""Because we are now out of three competitions and six points behind United, people outside are saying Chelsea should change everything. But all the big clubs have stability.
""Everybody seems to want to put pressure on Ancelotti but he's really cool. He knows the squad support him. That's the most important thing for him. I want Ancelotti to stay. Players come and go but the manager is the key. We can win the Champions League under him one day.""
(Source: Soccernet)