“Iran adopts aggressive approach toward enemies”

July 18, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has adopted an aggressive approach toward counter-revolutionary elements and other enemies, Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi stated on Friday.

“Over the past two years, a large investment has been made in the Intelligence Ministry to direct (its stance) from a defensive to an aggressive stance in the face of the enemy,” Moslehi told worshippers in Tehran before the Friday prayers sermon.
For instance, the Intelligence Ministry has succeeded in creating divisions between the counter-revolutionary groups and in raising doubts among them, he explained.
He also said the ministry has other plans, which will be announced in the near future.
Commenting on the soft warfare against the country, he said the enemy, in order to deal a blow to the system, is seeking to change the political and cultural mindset of the public and weaken the people’s religious beliefs.
“We do not have a physical war with the enemy, but we are engaged in heavy information warfare with the enemy,” he noted.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Moslehi said the seditious movement, which started after the presidential election in 2009, is not yet over, and seditionists are still trying to undermine the system.
“As a person responsible for the country’s intelligence apparatus, I announce that seditionists are orchestrating various plots to deal a blow to the Islamic system, and therefore the activities of “the leaders and directors of the sedition” should be carefully monitored.
“Sedition does not have just one layer. Besides the layer that we see in the media, sedition has other layers, and it seeks to target the roots of the system. Therefore, (dealing with) it requires vigilance and a special feeling of responsibility,” the intelligence minister explained.
He added, “Certain people should be careful not to be trapped again” by the seditious movement.
However, there are certain people, who, through their “simple analyses”, argue against such discussions that the enemy is planning to overthrow the Islamic system, he noted.