German guitarists join tar virtuoso Keyvan Saket in Tehran concert

May 24, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – German guitarists from the Goethe Institute will join Iranian tar and setar virtuoso Keyvan Saket to give a fusion concert in Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on May 29.

Twenty seven guitarists led by conductor Helmut Oesterreich and supported by German’s Goethe Institute are in Iran to give a concert named “Meeting East and West in Mirror of Tar and Guitar”.

In a press conference held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Saturday, Oesterreich expressed his happiness to be giving a concert in Tehran with Saket.

Oesterreich said that he has been conducting the World Guitar Ensemble for many years and that they have had many performances in different countries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

He later explained that the program is composed of three sections, the first of which contains western compositions selected from the Baroque and Renaissance eras, and that in the second part Keyvan Saket will accompany the group.

The Keyvan Saket Orchestra and the guitarists will perform the fusion concert in the third section, he added.

“Morgh-e Sahar” (The Bird of Dawn) arranged by Iranian musician Sina Sadeqpur will also be performed at the concert, he added.

Saket also said that the Goethe Institute has provided the financial support for the German musicians.

“I found out that there are no financial aspirations behind their project and that they are eager to gain new experience and collaborate with a musician from the East,” Saket had earlier said.

Karim Qorbani, Naser Rahimi, Behnam Abolqasem and Farshid Hefzipur are among the members accompanying the orchestra, Saket said, adding that several musicians who are also with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra are not permitted to collaborate.

Some of the musicians are prohibited from working with other orchestras by Ali Rahbari, the general music director of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, Saket added.