“Cloudy Children” wins SSFF and ASIA Grand Prix

June 17, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Iranian filmmaker Reza Fahimi’s “Cloudy Children” emerged as the big winner at the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia (SSFF & ASIA), receiving the Grand Prix of the event that was held in Tokyo and Yokohama from June 4 to 14.

In 2004, the festival was officially accredited by the Academy Awards, making the festival Grand Prix winner eligible for nomination in the short film category of the academy.

Set in a central Iranian village, the film narrates the story of two students fighting over things that they could never have, and in the end they share everything that does not belong to them.

Earlier in 2014, the “Cloudy Children” was crowned best screenplay at the 31st Tehran Short Film Festival.

PHOTO: Filmmaker Reza Fahimi holds the Grand Prix award for his short film “Cloudy Children” during the closing ceremony of the 2015 Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia