Iran to see 2400 green schools

August 27, 2015

TEHRAN - Zahra Javaherian, an official at the Department of Environment, cut ribbons on the first ever green school in Rey, southern Tehran, on Wedensday.

2400 primary and high schools will join the project, Javaherian said in the event.

According to Javaherian, from the outset of the current Iranian school year (Sep. 23), environmental teachers will attend Fazilat School classes.

Green schools are required to meet some educational and green space standards, inter alia, energy, waste, and water management, she explained.

In regards to the educational dimension of green schools, Javaherian noted that some specificities have been considered in such a way that beside routine school books and topics, environment lessons are also included so as for students to learn about the environment and convey their learning to their families.

The official went on to say that environment lessons should be embedded in educational curricula like other topics covered.

Students should be made aware of the biological assets of the country such as water, soil, fauna and flora, and animals and learn about species which are on the verge of extinction and hence, in dire need of preservation.

The project has been accomplished by the Kish Iran Credit Card Corporation, Javaherian said, adding that given the big area of the Fazilat School, it seems that the school can run on solar energy, cutting down its energy consumption greatly, not to mention the impact it can have on reducing environmental pollution.

In addition to installing solar water heaters, air conditioning of the school has also been promoted as before the project the classes were not optimal learning contexts, the official noted.

Javaherian also stressed that in addition to the aforementioned steps taken, windows have been replaced with environment-friendly ones and low consumption lamps have been used.