Austria, Iran share economic, political interests: Fischer

September 5, 2015 - 0:0

Austrian President Heinz Fischer has said that Tehran and Vienna share numerous political and economic interests, calling on the two countries to help boost ties in both fields.

Fischer made the remarks in Vienna ahead of his visit to Iran next week.
“We have always left our country’s doors open for Iran and favor comprehensive, broad bilateral Tehran-Vienna relations and cooperation,” he said.

The Austrian president added that during a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the United Nations last year, he had told his Iranian counterpart that in case the nuclear agreement with the West was finalized, he would be the first European president to visit Iran.

Fischer meanwhile reiterated that Rouhani had earlier invited him to visit Iran, but the visit could not have taken place before the signing of the nuclear agreement due to EU policies.

Fischer said that prior to the signing of the nuclear agreement, Israel had several times criticized him for meeting Iranian officials.

In the face of such criticism, he said, “I used to tell them that the objective of my meetings with the Iranian officials was interactions on many issues, including the Middle East status.”

Fischer meanwhile said the Austrian vice president for Jewish affairs is opposed to his Iran visit because he says Iran sponsor terrorism in the world.

“But everyone should know that that is a strategic mistake that needs to be corrected,” said Fischer.