Hamedan festival honors “Muhammad (S)” cast and crew

October 1, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Iranian and international cast and crew members of Majid Majidi’s “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God” were honored Tuesday during a ceremony at the 29th International Film Festival for Young Adults in Hamedan.

Indian composer A. R. Rahman, editor Roberto Perpignani, actors Mehdi Pakdel and Jafar Qasemi and assistant director Ali Sabzevari were among the honorees at the ceremony, Persian media reported on Wednesday.

Expressing thanks to all his cast and crew members, Majidi said, “The actors gave their best performance in this film. Rahman spent two years working hard on the music of the film, which will surely turn into an everlasting piece. Rahman is a great man. He has converted to Islam and is a real Muslim.”

Majidi added, “This film is an attempt to depict a drop in the endless ocean of mercy of the Prophet of Islam”.

“Over the past years, the enemy has tried long and hard to convey an ugly image of Islam to people in the world,” he asserted.

Rahman for his part said that he was delighted to be in Iran and happy to have been working with Majidi and the Iranian team.

Perpignani had to depart soon but said that he would leave his heart in Iran before he goes.

Qasemi who plays the role of Harith, the husband of Halimah, the nurse of Muhammad (S), said, “I used to say the dark-skinned characters have no place in the Iranian cinema but today I have played the role of Harith.”

Pakdel, who plays the role of Abu Talib, the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (S) and the father of Imam Ali (AS), expressed his happiness, while Alireza Shojanuri, who plays the role of Abdul Muttalib, the Grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad (S) hoped that Majidi would try to introduce all the great men (of Islam).

The festival was held in Hamedan from September 26 to 30.