Norway determined to expand economic ties with Iran

October 15, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN- Norway is determined to expand its economic ties with Iran, State Secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tore Hattrem stated.

He made the statement in a meeting with Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) Chairman Mohsen Jalalpour in Tehran, according to the official website of the ICCIMA.

While expressing hope over Iran’s nuclear deal with the world’s major powers, the Norwegian official said the trade relation between Iran and Norway is hoped to be expanded when the West-led sanctions are removed against the Islamic Republic.

He said now is the time for laying the ground for the expansion of Iran-Norway economic ties and the exchange of economic delegations between the two countries, in a way that the two sides could benefit from the possible opportunities in the future.

Referring to the noticeable achievements of Norway in the oil and gas sectors, Hattrem said Norwegian companies are willing to cooperate with Iran in the oil, gas, renewable energies, shipping, food and agriculture sectors as well as in terms of technical and engineering services.

Jalalpour, for his part, referred to the natural resources as well as educated manpower as some advantages of Iran for making investment and said while there is crisis in the other countries of the region, Iran is a secure country for investment.

He referred to oil, gas, shipping and agriculture as the sectors in them Iran and Norway can cooperate and called for close bilateral ties in terms of transferring technology and offering technical and engineering services.

*** Norway seeking co-op in Iran’s oil, gas projects: envoy

Norway is seeking to cooperate in the implementation of offshore oil and gas projects in Iran, Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran Norheim Aud Lise stated.

She made the statement in a meeting with Iranian Offshore Oil Company Managing Director Saeid Hafezi in Tehran on October 13, according to the Shana News Agency.

The meeting was also participated by the representative of Norway’s INTSOK Oil and Gas Partners, which is an international company.

Lise said the projects of Iranian Offshore Oil Company have proper potential for the bilateral cooperation.

She also expressed hope that Iran’s new business condition will prepare the ground for the presence of Norwegian large companies and investors.

Hafezi, for his part, referred to the noticeable experience of the Norwegian companies in the offshore oil sector and expressed hope for their activity in the Iranian oil industry.