Kazakhstan keen on offering cutting-edge nuclear technology to Iran

November 12, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rapil Zhoshybayev welcomed technological contribution to Iran of Kazakhstan particularly in nuclear plant construction.

Zhoshybayev let slip this in a press conference held at the embassy of Kazakhstan where he fielded reporters’ questions on different issues.
Zhoshybayev deemed nuclear cooperation with Iran as likely because his country is considering setting up two nuclear plants in Kazakhstan, which will meet latest technological standards in the field of nuclear technology.
Also, in the session, Zhoshybayev stated that he has formally invited Iran to attend the “Astana Expo: Future Energy” which is projected to stage in the new capital city of Astana in 2017 from 10 June to 10 September.
Zhoshybayev, who is Expo 2017 Commissioner as well, provided details on the exhibition and said the exhibition will be the largest one staged in the world in 2017, where a colossal number of 5 million are expected to visit the event.
Zhoshybayev, then, referred to energy cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan and stressed that the two countries have already been collaborating with each other in the field of oil and gas and a Kazakh oil delegation will visit Iran soon to discuss energy and oil swap projects.
Turning to the issue of bilateral transit ventures between the two countries, Zhoshybayev expressed hope for a better future in this regard since through this channel Kazakhstan can not only find ground access to the Persian Gul but also can import goods from Iran such as food and furniture products.
Housing construction activities of Kazakh companies in Iran was another area addressed by Zhoshybayev where he answered that considering the high capabilities of Kazakh firms in the field of housing construction, there is a chance of investment in Iran’s housing industry.
Referring to current economic collaboration between Iran and Kazakhstan, Zhoshybayev stated that the two countries will aim to augment their current trade to about $1.5 billion per annum.
Among other Kazakh officials attending the session were Baghdad Amreyev, ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Baktybai Abdimoldayev, the county’s consul, counsellor, and Al’mira Toleubayeva, attaché Diplomate.