Iran plans to stop production of carburetor motorcycles

January 7, 2016 - 0:0

TEHRAN — Production of carburetor motorcycles will be halted in Iran by the calendar month of Mehr, falling on September 23 to October 22, 2016, IRNA reported.

On Tuesday the national working group for air pollution mitigation approved a law to bring production of the pollutant carburetor motorcycles into a halt in the near future.

The deputy chief of Iran’s Department of Environment, Saeed Motesadi, explained that the carburetor motorcycles produce four to five times more pollution than a standard car and considering the number of the motorcycles which traffic the metropolises, measures to replace them with less environmentally threatening option is absolutely essential.

The carburetor motorcycles will be replaced with fuel injection and electric motorcycles, Motesadi said.

“Given the electric motorcycles steep prices,” he noted, “we have to financially support buyers to encourage them to use electric motorcycles.”

The time lapse for implementing the plan is for the producers to adopt to new changes and come up with new rules and terms in order to halt the manufacturing of carburetor motorcycle, he added.

“That’s why all parts of hybrid and electric motorcycles are being imported to the country with zero interest rate,” he highlighted.

That, he added, indicates how decisive the government is to eliminate the polluting motorcycles from the streets.